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This web-based teaching unit aims to teach you 12 frequently used English idioms. There are 12 individual pages to teach you the idioms and 3 EXERCISE SECTIONS in which you will have the chance to practice the idioms. Some of the lessons use videos which have captions. You may choose to turn the captions off if you prefer only to listen to the dialogues. You can skip studying the idioms that you already know, if you so wish. For the ones that you do not know, we give you the chance to learn them with the help of:

  • pictures
  • videos
  • origin or backround of the idioms
  • sample sentences in context
  • exercises


To use this unit, begin with the pre-test. After the pre-test, go to the main idiom page to learn the 12 idioms. After you have studied the idioms, take the post-test. This unit might be completed either in class (with the guidance of a teacher) or at home, at your own pace and time (teachers should consult the teacher's guide).

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Here are the designers of the web-based teaching unit:


sinem victor

Sinem Sonsaat & Victor Santos

sonsaat.public.iastate.edu / vdsantos.public.iastate.edu








http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/get+bent+out +of+shape